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We, at Self Publish Australia, firmly believe that first-time authors should be spending their time and resources much more wisely then chasing that elusive publishing contract. Years and dozens of rejection letters later, you will perhaps come to the same conclusion. And if you are determined to be picked up by a mainstream publishing house, what better way to get their attention than producing your own book, and sucessfully selling to your own niche market.


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Self Publish Australia is a company specialising in getting authors into print and published. Using the latest inhouse design, pre-press & printing techniques, our experienced technicians are able to supply economical book design & printing that DOESN'T skimp on quality. We are able to produce 'book-store quality' books, using processes identical to large publishing houses.

We have trade certified design and print & publishing backgrounds. We are specialists in our field, we are NOT writers who have self published, and have started a business supplying to friends and others. We work with authors every day in facilitating their publishing goals, we have experience in giving the author the best chance of success.

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Our Service To Self Publishers in Australia

We are constantly evolving in our business of servicing authors, self publishers and small business. Please make sure you sign-up to our e-newsletter, as there will be exciting developments that will directly interest all authors who wish to publish, in the coming months. Kindly promote us to your friends and associates - the more support we receive, the more resources we can devote to servicing our valued self-publishers. The more authors self publishing, the greater diversity of books available in Australia, and that can only be a good thing in this era of narrowing media channels & ownership.

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Pathway to a Publishing Contract

At Self Publish Australia, we are developing an end-to-end publishing solution for the very best of our authors. Via our sister publishing company, VIVID Publishing, and our parent publishing house FONTAINE Press Pty Ltd, the opportunities for an author with work of merit to be successfully published has never been more achievable.

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