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The bottom line is: the more time and work that you put in your end, the less you will have to pay others. With the book design however, we recommend getting your manuscript to a final error-free draft format, and leave the experts at Self Publish Australia to 'flow' your text into our pre-formatted templated designs. Prices start at $300AUD for interior book layout & design, from $300AUD for book cover design - we will customise a quote based on your requirements.

Read more about setting up your manuscript correctly here.

Some self publishers have sufficient knowledge to supply us with a print-ready PDF. This will indeed save quite a bit of time and some money, but in our opinion, is only worthwhile if either
a. it is professionally designed by a graphic design specialist / typesetter OR
b. a small personal project where saving money is paramount, quality secondary.

Cover design is particularly crucial for the aesthetic appeal of the book. Yes, your book WILL be judged by its cover, so it is very important to allocate the resources it deserves to achieve a great looking book cover and internal text design.


How many books should I print!?
The more books you print, the cheaper per unit it becomes. How many books can you see yourself selling in two years? To give you our 'loose' rule of thumb regarding the economics of book publishing costs vs return;

  • On a print run of say 100 books (our minimum), once selling all books at full retail price, you may get your print costs back.
  • 250 books and you will get be able to pay for some or all pre-press costs (design/typesetting) as well as the printing, and may turn a profit.
  • 500 books, you will need to sell approximately 300 to breakeven,

1,000 books you will need to sell approximately 400 books to breakeven.

Generally speaking, our production is firstly dictated by how many books you will order. Below 500-600 books it is more economical to print on our high-end DIGITAL PRINTING PRESS. Printing digitally, there is minimal set-up costs involved, but every printed sheet output has a standard 'click charge' which doesn't reduce when printing large volumes.

Once you get around the 500+ book mark, offset printing. becomes viable. The main advantage of producing books printed OFFSET, is a wider choice of paper and of course cost per unit is significantly cheaper.

We can supply various other services to help your book look and feel fantastic
• Metallic foiling of book cover
• Section sewing or notch binding
• Embossing / Spot Varnish of book covers
• Matt or Gloss lamination is standard for all book covers

Case bound hardback books are produced one by one using manually intensive processes. Thus price per unit will not reduce as significantly when ordering higher volumes*. They are best suited as premium promotionals or gifts.
* The exception is if more than 1,000 hardback books are required, then we can provide economical bulk partnered printing solutions - contact us for details.

Click here for further details about full colour casebound photo books and children books.

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