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Self Publishing - The Advantages


Many well known and popular authors have launched their successful careers self publishing at least one novel. It has to be the best way to getting your name out there as a published author, and your manuscript written and designed well, printed and bound in book format automatically assumes an air of respectability & authenticity alongside mainstream published books.

Financial Risk

As a self-publisher, you take on all financial risk. Rule of thumb here at Self Publish Australia, for print runs over 200 - If you are confident you can sell 1/2 your books printed, well you should be MAKING money. If not, Christmas present giving becomes an easy affair! Having said that, quite often it isn't about financial reward. To see your work printed & bound, something that will be around & hopefully enjoyed for decades to come is worth far more than what it costs to produce. Books are valued. They represent authority and command respect.


Rocket into the Marketplace

Say you WERE picked up by a mainstream publisher. Your book would be lucky to see the light of day after 1-2 YEARS! If your book is time sensitive; your topic is HOT RIGHT NOW, or will be coinciding with a major related event in the near future, then self publishing is YOUR ONLY (well, almost.) OPTION to capitalise. We have despatched authors books after 3 weeks of receiving their manuscript, although 6-8 weeks is the average.

Total Control

Self Publishing enables you to have full control over every aspect of your book - as well as benefitting from Self Publish Australia's experience in all the processes to produce a quality publication. You choose your level of involvement, based on your ability and experience. Written a family history and needing to publish on a shoestring budget. No problem - found on this website is all the tools enabling you to decide on format, costings, how to layout and produce a print-ready PDF, saving you money. Written a rip-snorting suspense thriller and want to sell it commerciall? No problem, hand over your Word document and we will produce a pallette load of books delivered to your door, to a quality as good or better than your competitors published by large multinational publishers found in bookstores. We can list your title with all relevant book trade directories and databases, enabling your book to be orderable by all bookstores nationally.

100% Ownership & Rights

A traditional publishing contract will sign over most, if not all, rights to the publisher. Yes, you will receive something like 7.5% - 10% of sales every 6 months perhaps. That's OK, but think about this: once they move onto the next hot book, interest & incentive in promoting YOUR book will sharply decline, leaving you tied up with that publisher receiving a trickle of commissions until your book is out of print, and possibly longer. Generally it will be left up to you to keep on marketing the book to keep it alive. Why do this for a small percentage? - keep 100% of the profits and self-publish.

Rejection Letters

We, at Self Publish Australia, firmly believe that first-time authors should be spending their time and resources much more wisely then chasing that elusive publishing contract. A year or two and dozens of rejection letters later, you will perhaps come to the same conclusion. If you are determined to be picked up by a mainstream publishing house, what better way to get their attention than producing your own book, and sucessfully selling to your own niche market.


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