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Creating a PDF file from your Manuscript Document


The most economical format to send us to print from is Adobe Acrobat PDF format. PDF files are all printers preferred format.

Once you are at a stage where your manuscript has been thoroughly checked, proofread - you have a choice to either create a PDF file from your document, or for a more professional look, send us your Word document for expert page composition and layout.

If you are on a tight budget, and want to handle the text layout yourself, a few things you must consider and ensure before converting your Word document into a PDF file, is the following:

  1. Ensure your Word document 'Page Setup' is exactly the size you want your book to be (for example: A5)
  2. Ensure you have clicked on 'Mirror Margins' - and we recommend you set 25mm inside margins and 15mm outside margins. The extra space for the inside margin will enable your text on the spine edge to be a comfortable distance from the spine for best readability.
  3. Once completely happy with every detail of you layout, convert your Word document to a PDF either via printing via Adobe Acrobat (if installed on your PC) otherwise use this nifty online PDF Creator tool to do the job for you.
  4. Email us your PDF if under 10MB, otherwise send via this free online tool - Dropsend - which enables you to send large files over the internet efficiently.



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