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Creating Your Manuscript - Guidelines


To save time & money, please follow our recommendations when creating your manuscript in readiness for typesetting/book layout.

Dos & Don'ts

Most budding authors use MICROSOFT WORD™ on their PC to compose their manuscripts. When using Word, please follow these general guidelines to avoid extra costs when we convert your manuscript into a professional book layout

  • Make sure you insert a 'page break' when finishing a chapter.
    We will flow your Word document into our preformatted design templates, they will detect 'page breaks', and other formatting.
  • DO NOT use multiple spaces, indents or carriage returns.
  • When needing to insert images, rather than insert the image into your manuscript, please add the following line clearly where you would like the image inserted, for example:
    {{ - - - INSERT myphoto009.jpg HERE - SIZE 1/2 PAGE - - - }}
    Include the images separately when sending your manuscript.
  • try not to send us more than 1 document, for example, different docs for every chapter. We require a single document containing the entire manuscript.


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